‘Stute Book Part One.




Justin Genius    

Some Words on our Genius

No! Justin Genius!

Reply to: No! Justin Genius! (by Tracey)

The Ballad of Miss Tracey

Next Stop? Andrew Scott!

When Mysteria Laughs... Hide!

A Long Overdue Ballad For - And About - Miss Nancy

The Night Before Christmas - Merry Christmas Doctor Moose!

Of Mary and a Little Lamb

Disturbed Yin & Yang

Shh... Don't Tell Nan (yet) - Justin Needs Your Help

If the Books are Late... I Apologise

Computer Contact


Andrew Scott

A Matter Of Perspective

Back At The Stute

So You Want To Know What Happened...

The Trilogy Of Bal



An Advertisement For Love

Green Toast And Jam


Bugs Bunny

A Message To Elmer Fudd

A Notice To That Justin Clan

Come And Git Me Guys!


Cheshire Grin

Applicable Circumstantial Application



A Cast Of Thousands

A Second Opinion

Dear Dr. Freud

Doc's Delusion

Doc's Dilemma

I Am Late

I Too Am Justin Denial

Of Multi-Colored Things

The Coronation

The Origin 0f Justins

What's In The Cards

Where Is He Now



You Have 24 Hours To Wespond


Justin Conceivable

DEER Huntin'


Justin Ebriated

And They Wonder Why I Drink

Where's The Eggnog


Justin Nuendo

A True ‘Stute Tale


Justin Thyme

How About Them Malcontents

I Traded In My Straight Jacket For A Suit And Tie

It's About Thyme

I've Broken In

I Was An Abused Clown As A Child Writing Haikus On Earth Day

Leonardo's Lament

Marriage My Friends Is Like A Hot Bath

My Roommates Are Cartoons

Potty Party

Slap Me Silly

The Oprah Show

Thyme Heals All Wounds

Thyme Waits For No One


Justin Tolerable

Who Am I


Justin Toxicated

Whew Finally Made It


Lady in Red

Happy Birthday PIP

Hilarious Insanity


Nurse Crachet

Candles Wax Slowly Melting


Glimmering Glow

Pie Battle

The 'Stute Needs Help


Nurse Kindheart

Stute Newbie



Blink By Blink


I'm Back

La La Land


The Unknown Poet

Forlorn Lulu

Life On The Outside

Twiddly Dee

Whatever Happened To Andrew Scott


Vincent VanGogh

I Miss The 'Stute


Willy Honker


Greenbottle Flies



Seasons Greetings


Miracle On The Thirty-Fourth Floor

Seasons Greetings

The Gift Of Santa Claus

Justin Thyme

Christmas At The 'Stute


Elmer Fudd

Ad Here, Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

E.Fudds Cwistmas Cwassics

Happy Thanksgiving





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