Updated July 29th 2004!

Hilarious Insanity!


Welcome to a world of hilarious insanity: The ‘Stute! What is the ‘Stute? It’s a fictitious

place where a bunch of “crazy” poets play a witty game with words and illusion.

Among the characters you’ll find an entire Justin Clan, with many cousins, aunts and

uncles (Justin Thyme, Justin Kace, Justin Tolerable, Justin Nuendo, Justine Uff,

Miss Behavin’ and many more). Most of them have somewhat of a big mouth, but I

assure you they are quite harmless. Also there’s our Doc Moose, who’s “sort of” in

charge and his rebellious assistant Nurse Crachet. There’s Andrew Scott (The

Crayon King and Ruler of the East Wing) and his Lady in Red, ONE FLEW OVER,

Rapunsel, Tinkerbell, Vincent VanGogh and many, many more loonies walking around,

or escaping, the ‘Stute (Institute). Always with a great sense of humour and a passion

for poetry.


However, all this would not have been possible without Mr. Ron Carnell, creator and

keeper of the best poetry site on the web “Passions In Poetry” (PIP), who allows us

to play our nutty game on his site. As words can never express our gratitude, we

simply say thank you. Thank you Ron! Without you this web site would not exist!

Please click here for more information on a remarkable, extraordinary person and

passionate poet, Ron Carnell and here to enter the best poetry site on the web

“Passions In Poetry”.


Since the ‘Stute was started (somewhere in September 1999) an enormous amount of

poetry has been written. In fact, there has been so much ‘Stute poetry written that

it has been turned into a “book”. I have divided the poetry in two parts. Part One is

made up by topics that stand alone, while Part Two somehow represents a very long

short story. Are you curious to the very beginning of the ‘Stute? Please click here for

Justin Thyme’s Leonardo's Lament, the very first ‘Stute poem. We do appreciate

your comments and we would be tremendously honoured if you’d leave your mark in

our Guest book and of course all emails will be forwarded to all ‘Stute poets.


May you enjoy reading our insanity as much as we had writing it and may it leave

you with a smile upon your face.


Lady in Red




A little extra information to keep the illogical logical:


~ PIP refers to Passions In Poetry.

~ O.P. refers to the Open Forums at PIP.

~ The Wizard, or Wiz, refers to Ron Carnell.

~ Deer, or Balladeer refers to a poet at PIP, who’s nickname

  is Balladeer. Thank you Balladeer! You’re a real “deer”

  to allow us to “use” you.

~ Toe, or Toerag refers to yet another poet at PIP, who’s

  nickname is Toerag and although Mr. Toerag is no ‘Stutee

  his big toe will never leave our home away from home.


All poetry is copyright 1999-2004 by the individual authors.

Please respect the rights of the authors. If you would like to use

any of these poems on your own Web page, please contact us

for permission.





When looking back I see the start was/is as meant to be

Who “instituted” this whole bunch was once explained to me

As characters were added and our group began to grow

This interactive fantasy took on a life and so…

I’d like to share my thanks with all as one before a meal

This toasted bunch with whom I drank of life on this big wheel

A feast has been prepared my friends there’s much for all of you

But what would dinner be with-out the “Crayon King’s” stew?



What is the ‘Stute?
by Andrew Scott


What is the 'Stute?
Why, that is cute!
You must be new to these walls.


The 'Stute is a wondrous place
Where we each carve out our own space
And run naked in the halls.


Where the Painters Paint
With some Justin restaints
And Dr. Moose (though he's not) sound like one of "them"


Nurse Crachet you should shun
Cause she thinks electro shock is fun
And in truth she is most certainly Satan's kin.


As for me, I rule East Wing
For I am, the Crayon King
Deference to me for it is my due


Should you side with Nurse C
Your fate you will soon see
In my white phosphorous goo-stew




OK! Here's the straight scoop.
The 'Stute is a place where we come for a little therapy.

To get away from it all and contemplate the greater

issues facing mankind. Like: How many different colors

does Crayolla have in the "Big Box?"  Is Nurse Crachet

a man? And is E.Fudd really a mutant potato come to

take over the world?


All the Justins are nice and the painters, well...they're

pretty easy going... just don't get around Vince...

he's got a thing about ears.


The kitchen is my home away from home...

I like cooking up batches of hot sticky
flammable wax.  Got any crayons on ya?

Well, there ya go... welcome to the 'Stute.

I'm sure the Justins can tell you more as
they've been around a little longer than I,

but be careful... they may ask you to

change your name. Give in to that and

it’s all down hill from there.


Now make yourself useful and hand me the

paraffin... ya that's it... right next to the

gas.... Thanks.



                    At long last the 'Stute has been updated! A new character has been added

                    in Part One, all the broken links are repaired and Part Three of our Never 

                    Ending Tale is now open for the public. We hope you'll enjoy!


                    Please let us know if you find any not working links.


                    Lady in Red




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